Friday, November 21, 2008

dear skeletor, you must be joking.

So, logging into myspace this eve, I was absolutely disgusted with this ad:

Save the disgust over the awful photoshopping job and terrible perspective that makes this alien's arm look roughly the size of their entire abdomen...this is the most disgraceful diet ad I've seen.
I'm sure the jeans the photoshopped body is wearing are probably already a size 2. What is the point of making it look this ridiculous?
Oh baby, don't you just love how my torso is the same size as your thigh? OMG LOLZ me too! Good thing I did the magic 24-year-old oprah-recommended diet before I turn 25. Because then I would actually look normal. And who wants that sweetie? Not me. Give me spaghetti-body please. And monster arms.
What shit.

That is all.

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