Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Today I left work sick at 3:00pm

And I'll have you know I have yet to take a sick day all year. So I guess I technically only took a sick 2 hours. We shall see how I feel in the morning. However, right now, I'm up trying to drink a Theraflu in the hopes that its bitter lemon-limey medicine-y average-ness will rock me into a deep slumber.

Also I have a number of things on my mind keeping me up.

First of all, The Biggest Loser. Does anyone watch that show? What shit it has turned into this season! All the scheming of the evil blue team of death. I'm sure they're changing their lives as well, but with all the games they're playing (instead of focusing on the inspirational aspect of it) I must say that I wouldn't feel too sorry if Heba the Horrid and Vicky the Fugly gained some weight back after the show. Don't worry, I can say that. I too used to be fat. But at least I was nice. Whores.

Secondly, I find this dichotomy troubling and pertinent to my life: Fearing an insanely happy reunion with someone because you worry you aren't strong enough to say goodbye again. Silly freakin long-distance love affairs. Ugh.

Third, unfair text messaging via Mr East Coast. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, you hairy (at least your upper arms) beast. Ya, that's right. I called you out on my blog. Booya grandma.

Fourth, freakin economy huh? It could be stifling my life plans of moving out of Colorado. We shall see. In other news, everyone, please, buy a Ford, Lincoln or Mercury. I can't tell you much about Lincoln or Mercury, but with the winter coming up, rest assured you can count on the 5-star crash test safety ratings of a number of Ford's safest sedans and SUVs OR enjoy the security and handling of Ford's All-Wheel Drive line-up! You know, if you want to save Ford Motor Company (and potentially my job) from ruin!

Fifth, my throat hurts. What a pain in the throat. HAR HAR HAR. get it?

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Chasé said...

So I had to skip part one for fear of a spoiler b/c NBC preempted the biggest loser for the Blazer game last night! Needless to say I was pissed. Anyway, they are replaying it at the convenient time of midnight on Sunday into 2am Monday morning. Thank Jesus for a DVR.

Also, good thing you added title of Mr. East Coast cause I thought that one may have been about me...hairy arms and all.