Tuesday, November 4, 2008

we won. i voted. princess birthday. some dude ate KFC.

Today is a great day.

First, we totally whooped ass last night at my soccer game--to the team that has won all the games in the league thus far. Booya! I took a nice close-range shot to the tumtum, which done knocked my wind right da hell outta mah gut!

Second, it's voting day. I honestly am not really factoring this in to the reason my day is great. But...I like seeing people educate themselves on something and come together to make a decision. There's something nice about that. Even though I know nothing about politics. I learned some...and voted. Kiss me.

Third, it's Princess Davers' birfday today! And, you may know this already, but he is the fairest maiden in all the land. Naturally I filled his cube with pink balloons. And a tiara. Silly straight man is going to love it.

Fourth, this man agreed to plead guilty for a bucket of KFC. All stereotypes aside, this is ridiculous. Too good. But what could you expect from the colonel? Justice for all, that's what. Colonel Harland Sanders, serving the public good posthumously. (That means after death, obvs. And I bet you didn't know his first name was Harland.) Gangsta gangsta!

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