Monday, November 3, 2008

a new month

don't forget those achievement books! a new month of achievements to be had is here! i think i may set some actual achievements to work toward. for example, i'd like to find an occasion to wear my cowboy hat out again. if you know me, you know i'm by no means cowgirl-esque. but i do have this here fancy hat. and achievements wanting to be reached.

in other news, i did not do anything with my weekend. i rested my head and went and got it checked out at the hospital on saturday. i am fine. though the stupid doctors tried to give me vicodin---for a freakin headache. i turned them down. fools.

needless to say, my head feels much better and i feel more like myself than i did last week. hopefully that means more posts for you lovely folk!

what's the Monday Funday Song Start-Off you ask??
Little Red Corvette [Video] - Prince

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