Sunday, November 9, 2008

Montastic's Pumpkin Pretties!

Oh yes, time to get domestic!
I love pumkin flavored everything. And I absolutely LOVE pumpkin-chocolate-chip cookies AKA Montastic's Pumpkin Pretties.

So, naturally, I've detailed my creation of the pretties below.

Step 1: Put on sweatpants and slippers. Take a downward shot of your body so as to make your rack look as fluffy and delicious as Montastic's Pumpkin Pretties are.

Step 2: Turn on your old tv. Be sad that you only have one channel and it's half staticked out. Be sad the only thing on said channel is Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Be happy the camera caught this moment. Be suddenly aware that your company sponsors said show and then tout EXTREME MAKEOVER HOME EDITION IS AWESOME!!! on your blog.

Step 3: Print up the recipe and label it "RECIPE" so as not to confuse it with your roommate's Home Journal.

Step 4: Line up all ingredients for no apparant reason. Give them a thumbs up.

Step 5: Eat some chocolate chips. Obviously.

Step 6: Mix some shit.

Step 7: Add chocolate chips. This is optional for those of you who also kick puppies, punch kitties, and hate the cooing of newborn babies.

Step 8: Ball 'em as big as you want. They don't expand. Bake 'em.

Step 9: They're all done! Tear one up fresh out of the oven, hold it long enough to take a picture. Which, conveniently, is also long enough to burn your thumb badly.

All above steps MUST be taken for the full effect of Montastic's Pumpkin Pretties. If you would like the recipe (I can't imagine why you would, it's SO clear what to do above) feel free to ask me. They are QUITE scrumptious! They have a muffin-like consistency and go well with coffee, a highfive or your favorite Whitesnake album.

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Anonymous said...

The perfect recipe with all of the instructions clearly described. :) I will let you know how my own batch of the sumptious pretties turn out! Mom