Monday, March 9, 2009

vino&movies, jungle tummy, bird calling 101

a few things I learned this weekend...

1. a giant bottle of bella sera pino grigio

plus a first-time screening of Vantage Point

makes your brain hurt. after guzzling vino and trying to watch it, Montastic now looks like this:


2. jungle curry makes a jungle in your tummy

Now if you know me (and you damn well should) you know I can handle a lot of spicy food. And, while I did handle this, I haven't sweat from eating something spicy in a long time. Perhaps picking 6 or 7 thai red chili peppers out of the broth should have been my first clue. no amount of rice could cool the pit of flames in my tumtum. my boylove and i also shared a scorpion (a tasty cocktail). but, let it be known the jungle curry stung far more than the scorpion.

3. mad bird-calling skills are an essential for every zoo-goer

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