Monday, March 16, 2009

what a fantastic weekend

Friday I had a lovely soccer practice with my new team, then went out with them for a few beverages. I'm starting a second soccer team (co-ed indoor)...seeing as how they don't know what is wrong with RoboKnee and have given me the "ok" to play soccer.

Saturday I didn't do much. And by that I mean I painted this super awesomely rad box!

Also Saturday, my long-distance manlove informed he is moving to Denver! WHAAAAAAAAT?! Hooray! To celebrate, a picture of us at the zoo:

Sunday I had my first game with the new soccer team, bright and early. We lost but it was loads o' fun. And other than that, I just relaxed and iced RoboKnee. Oh, and ate something with BBQ sauce on it.

How can you tell me that isn't a really good weekend?? You can't.

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