Friday, May 16, 2008

cool installation PSA in denver

I've seen a couple of these totalled cars placed around D-town. This one is right near my office, by the RTD station. I saw another in front of Coors field.

The one by Coors field was an SUV and I only saw it while I was driving by. But I wanted to go back and see what it was about. First off, because I'm always interested in placement advertising or messaging like this. And secondly, who doesn't want to examine a totally smashed up car and see the metal carnage. I know I do!
Fortunately, I bumped into this one (no pun intended) walking to lunch yesterday.

Upon closer inspection, it kind of turned my stomach in a morbid sort of way. It's an ad promoting seat belt usage...reminding the CO driver that they are going to start enforcing seatbelt-wearing more strictly. The sticker on the back window had the totals of car crash fatalities where those killed were not wearing seatbelts. Of course, it got me thinking that someone could have died in this car. An above-ground tomb because some idiot wasn't wearing a seatbelt. Anyway, it did its job quite well. And just in the time it took me to quickly snap 3 photos, probably 25-30 people stopped to look at it as well.
Eye-catching. Emotive. Effective. Well done.

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Stv Mllt said...

They used to bring out a totaled car on a flat-bed tow truck and park it in the high school parking lot every year right before prom. Similar message: "Don't drink and drive."