Wednesday, May 14, 2008

my 2 year journey to 'rado residency

Well I've been in Colorado for 2 years now. (Well, technically it will be 2 years in June). And I FINALLY got my legal residency by way of my new license. A license to be a stone-cold 'rado fox, that is!
I've officially shed my California-ness (except for my family who all lives there and I miss!). Though I haven't lived there for almost 6 years anyway. So farewell California. HOLLA newly official residency in Colorado.
As dorky as this sounds, this is very exciting for Montastic.

A few differences of the 2-years-ago Montastic:
She moved here without ever having been here.
She didn't anyone in the state (except an uncle she hadn't seen in years).
She was in a very serious relationship.
She was 21 pounds heavier.
She had dark brown hair.
She didn't plan to stay past the length of her 10-week internship.
She drove a Honda Accord.
She was more fluent in Italian.
She had never ran a 10k.
She was 22.
She did not have a blog.
She had no clue how much would change in a short time.


The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

And you purposely flopped the photo to make it harder to read the vitals?

You've inspired me to post an old/new comparison on my own blog! Look for it soon!

Chasé said...

I'm not at all happy for you. Come back to me!!!!

aliciaisabrowngirl said...

This is so inspiring! I'm about to move to California and am nervous about it.
Am in a serious relationship that needs a break.
I have also just lost 20 lbs.
I drive a shitty Kia.
I'm definitely one of "those people" that need sunshine to survive.
I'm officially ready the throw my TV out of a moving vehicle.

Congrats on your newly obtained piece of plastic.