Friday, May 23, 2008

"Why would you have fries, when you can have bacon fries?"

I know you're all eager for the Friday Funday Song Send-Off, but first, let us all bond over the common belief that everything tastes better with bacon.
And a perhaps awesome, perhaps disgusting creation: Bacon Salt.

There site is mildly entertaining with things like Operation: Bacon Salt. This, of course, is an effort to provide Bacon Salt to those serving in foreign conflicts.
Or check out the sillier blog with recipes like a Bacon Salt Martini, (ok so this sounds actually gross), Bacon Salt clothing, links to other glorious bacon-related blogs, and all the zany Bacon Salt happenings you can dream of. Another reason this won my affections is that on their blog they include a comic from XKCD comics, one I've written about in the past.... which makes us kindred spirits in the blogging world for the fact that we read the same online dorky comics, and that we all enjoy bacon.

(picture from

That said, I haven't eaten bacon in a while.... doesn't quite fit into my healthy lifestyle. But this bacon salt could be the next big thing... just you wait.

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