Tuesday, May 27, 2008

finalmente! un po' d'italiano...con Kobe!

Ok, so who knew Kobe Bryant spoke italian? I didn't!
Of course, only one of my readers can understand this (holla matteo bellissimo!)...but check out the youtube link for a translation if you so choose.
Ps. this makes me happy because guess what?? I speak Italian!


Chasé said...

Booo. I'm not a Kobe fan. I am, however, an Italian fan and an Mon and Matteo fan so I give this post two thumbs up despite the poor taste in basketball players.

Montastic said...

no worries. i'm not a fan of kobe either. i don't even know anything about him. so i'm glad you still love me.

The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

You didn't know that? Dude grew up in Italy. His dad, who's nickname was I believe Jelly Bean, played professionally in Italy.

How can you not be a fan (or be a fan for that matter) of someone if you don't know anything about them? That makes no sense.

I'm not a fan of him personally, I think he's a sleaze. But he's a hell of a ballplayer, who's matured into a hell of a teammate and I'd take him on my team in a heartbeat. Doesn't mean I like the guy though, 'cause I don't.

Matt said...

Freshman year I remember seeing Kobe's picture on a jar of Nutella at the grocery store. I knew he grew up in Italy but had never heard him speak. Good find!

ps - holla