Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lair o' The Bear wisdom

Well today I decided to run the 4 mile hike I did yesterday at the Lair O' The Bear park. If that makes sense. It was 2 miles in, 2 back. And one mile of it was decidedly steep with murderous switchbacks and turned me into a cherry-face. See the sweaty, gross picture from atop the highest peak:

of course, this was NOT, in fact, the highest peak in the area. But it was where Montastic had to turn around for fear of passing out in the warm, Mother's Day sun.

Needless to say, I have a few kernals of life-wisdom, and a few Montastic self-observations.

1. Mountain bikers are incredibly good-looking and so damn friendly
2. They also are good a pleasant small talk as they pass gasping-panting-stinky runners up the trail.
3. I need trail-running shoes...or for a celebrity to make big ol' foot blisters trendy so that I can just rock those instead of new kicks.
4. I'm in much better shape than I thought physically. And much more mentally dependent on exercise than expected.
5. I absolutely love H20. It is so wet. So delicious. Once it hits your's so good!
6. I still have a phobia of running past small dogs for fear of attack.
7. It is most likely that at the top of Bear Creek Trail (a top that I did not reach) there is an animatronic bear that explains the history of bearhood upon the receipt of a quarter in its coin-slot.
8. Colorado's beauty is so amazingly accessible.


The Artistic Mercenary™ said...'re a big fan of generalizations aren't you? You make them a lot.
7...There is definitely an animatronic bear, and if there isn't there fuckin' should be!

Chasé said...

Hahaha stupid little dogs that bite and stupid owners who don't apologize for their out of control dog. You are scarred for life.