Friday, May 23, 2008

'roid machine!

Montastic presents: Adventures in K20 Protein Water Mix Drinking
Disclaimers: Please ignore that the pictures are backwards. iPhoto does this and I'm far too lazy to fix it. Secondly, enjoy the horrifically disgusting neon pink nail polish. If you know me, you know I strongly dislike pink. I found it ironic and annoying that I did this to myself.

1. The Product:
Special K20 Protein Water Mix. A free sample I found in my Special K. Iced tea enhanced with 5g of protein, and 5g of Fiber. Designed to make you feel fuller longer. hmmm. I'm a skeptic.

2. The Murky Concoction:
Well, at least it smells like normal iced tea....which I usually enjoy.

3. Down the Hatch:
Awaiting that horrible powdery taste that comes with most protein drinks. Dear Baby Jesus, please make this a pleasurable experience.

4. To vom or not to vom?
Ok this was not my real reaction. It was actually quite tasty.

5. What's in this again?
Ok so it tastes fairly good. But it's a little sweet for Montastic (who does not enjoy sweet beverages). I bet it's full of sugar and crap to make it taste like that. What's this?! ZERO grams of sugar... nice work K20.

6. The Verdict:
Well, I'll drink it. Will I buy it? Probably not. My advice to Special K here is that, while they did good marketing by including a free sample (who doesn't like free things?) they should also include a coupon and information about where in the store the product is located. Because it could be on the breakfast aisle, or the drink aisle, or the supplement aisle. And Montastic doesn't like spending too much time looking for something that isn't on sale or easy to find. The end.

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