Tuesday, September 16, 2008

poorly-sleeping kinda-beauty

That pretty much sums up this whole post. So feel free to skip it if you have anything remotely better to do.
Montastic has a problem. She hasn't slept well for the past 3 nights, maybe 4..maybe....even...5! THE HORROR!

Now, I've never been a good sleeper. The slightest things wake me up.
someone walking their dog outside says "aren't you a good boy?"
my roommates phone beeps way on the other side of the apartment
my pillow gets too warm on one side.

Anyway, these restless nights have not been plagued by my normal inability to fall asleep, but a newfound misery: waking up regularly, and tossing and turning...almost angrily. I can't get comfortable. I have 4 pillows to choose from people! The sheets get tangled as I kick and squirm, which in turn pisses me off. Then I get mad that I let the sheets have that effect on my calmness. Then I get hot. So I turn the fan on, then I get cold. So I try to cover up but I get tangled again. So I go turn the fan off. Then I'm frustrated the air is no longer moving.

If you're keeping track this has left me: uncomfortable, pissed off, annoyed with an inanimate object, and having menopausal hot flashes...though I'm much too young for that.

I've been trouble shooting this morning.
No, I haven't been drinking caffeine late at night (not that it affects me anymore anyway).
No, I haven't eaten weird food that would make my digestive system annoyed.
No, I haven't recently bought any sort of new bedding that my body has to get used to.
No, I'm not sick.
No, I don't have excess energy as I work out every night.
and No, I'm not afraid of Mr. Sandman.

Please help. I'm used to dealing with being tired. No biggy. But to actually wake up frustrated because of your shitty night of sleep..?!?@# It makes me wonder...whats the point of even going on with today.

I'd rather lay around all day. But not in my bad-sleep bed, perhaps on the couch. Or your bed. Thoughts?

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Chasé said...

Sounds like stress or you have something weighing on your mind.

I could roofie you ;)