Thursday, September 25, 2008

today's word

conferrifited >adj< (cun-fair-if-eye-tid)

first use was in the Monstastic dictionary, circa September 25 of the year 2008. original meaning has long since been lost, but historians assume it is a word that comes from three others: confused, terrified, excited

usually used to describe the sensation one feels after a life choice or during a given circumstance that has caused not only doubt and fear, but a hopeful anxiety for the future. such a feeling, bursting with contradicting emotions, tends to leave one feeling paralyzed with shock, or in a dream-like feeling, as if nothing is real anymore.

eg 1:
After the last couple eventful days, that girl was conferrifited.

eg 2:
The lactose intolerant man was conferrifited after drinking a double-thick milkshake.

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