Friday, June 27, 2008

friday thoughts

highlights from my 45 minute lunchtime walk around downtown Denver:
- walking past two old men playing bongos and watching them and smiling..and then have the furrier of the two say "thank you for smiling."
- a mother and her young daughter in spring dresses, each carrying an orchid
- a greenpeace volunteer trying to talk to passersby and saying "you can at least be friendly!" because people CAN at least be friendly, shit.
- a girl looking at sunglasses at an unattended cart and waiting for the owner to return to pay.
- that awesome purple shirt on that otherwise boring-looking man

thoughts from the doctors office this morning:
- i completely respect the guy picking up birth control for his girlfriend and then making sure it was ok to leave in the car and that the temperature wouldn't harm it.
- i was reading some men's magazine. there was an article about chivalry in the modern day. and it said that, on a first date, one should NEVER bring girls flowers. instead, they should buy a small, thoughtful gift.
if you bring me a small thoughtful gift on our first date, i'll think you are mildly strange. bring me some frickin flowers! that awesomely cute gesture is not dead. trust me.

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Perceptions Photography said...

Thats a lot in 45min. Cool blog!