Thursday, June 19, 2008

Montastically M.I.A. the next 5 days

Utah-tahs '08 is commencing in 24 hours!!!
I will be in the beautiful and breathtaking mountains of Solitude, UT with my ladies. We'll be celebrating my bday along with my ladyfriend Chase's bday. (she's in green and i'm in brown, obv!)
this is an old picture (new years weekend in 2006), but nonetheless, you get the idea: we fuckin rule the school.

All my best ladies will be there. And all our best intentions will go right out the window as we swim, off-road scooter, hike, drink, and play in the sun until we just can't take it anymore!


Chasé said...

Yes!Yes!Yes! I'm sooo excited. #18 can't wait to see her mom too!

Chasé said...

Oh Mo Go!!! 8 more hours 'til I see your beautiful face!