Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"a lot of amazing packed into a short time"

so i met this completely amazing guy named Zack recently, in the middle of his cross-country road trip. we had a great time chatting together while he was coming through the first time and then, on his way back, he stayed for a few days. we spent a good amount of time together in the short time he was here. and i already miss him! but he's on his way back to maryland now. and while it bums me out, i consider myself fortunate to have met someone so great!
anyway, as you may have read, today is my birthday. and this lovely man sent me the sweetest thing i've received today: a little video he and his road trip compadre (Bob) made for me. i can't save the video for some reason, but i was able to take a few slides of it.

first, the party popper

party popper innards on the ground

what i think is a cupcake with candles :)

and then a note!

it ended with a lovely little send off that you don't get to see!

anyway, it made me smile oh-so-much. and i felt super special. so i decided to share and give him internet props.

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