Tuesday, June 17, 2008

from the melancholy mind of montastic

Any lasting relationship is not one based on logic. But, when you know a relationship is impossible from the beginning (due to existing circumstance) then you have to logically move on. At least, that's what my overactive brain tells me.

I'm secretly good at mini golf. It was a secret even to me.

Sage Francis is talented, a great live performer, and someone whose music I wish to explore more.

Alcohol explains a lot of things, but it won't allow me to excuse you...or that situation. Nor would I expect to ever use it as an excuse for myself.

Swimming pool sneak-in + corona + eye candy + my ladies + more five = perfect Saturday.

There are some people who actually like my tiny, barely-there bumbum.

Woody Harrelson is my favorite sleezy character actor. I think he is just so brilliant. You should probably watch a movie called The Grand. The first 70% or so is hilarious. It also helps to watch said movie while cuddling with an east-coast cutie.

When do you give someone the benefit of the doubt?

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