Wednesday, June 18, 2008

lordy lordy, i'm all grownsed up!

on this date, one score and 4 beautiful years ago, Montastic leapt from the womb and into the world.

how does one celebrate??
well, bold and brilliant birthday shoes of course! (and a little black get-up to boot!)

and of course, happy hour after worksy.
followed by a long weekend in the mountains of Solitude, Utah for drinking, laughing, snuggling, swimming, hiking, off-road scootering and experiencing the majesty that is my ladies...Utah-tahs '08 goes down in 2 days!

If only it were 5:00 already!


The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

"experiencing the majesty that is my ladies"...after I read that I couldn't stand up for a couple minutes.

Chasé said...

We both know that you are not grown up. As someone who is 2 days older and wiser than I, you should know better than to pretend. Love you Lover!!!! OH MO GO 2 DAYS!!!!!