Thursday, June 5, 2008

stealin ideas from the brosef

Ok, so my brother did this on his myspace blog. He just compiled a list of statements about various people in his life...without saying who was who. it was very cool..and so I'm going to do the same. ready, set, go!


...are everything I'm looking for in someone.
...are stronger than you know, and probably more than I know.
...are someone I absolutely know I can tell everything to.
...brought more passion and pain into my life than anyone.
...are a success story.
...might be making a big mistake, but I respect your risk-taking.
...r heart and sweetness is endless, and I miss you.
...ruined the best thing you could have had.
...think so highly of yourself that I find it hard to pay you compliments.
...have intrigued me since I met you, and you always smell so good.
...are good in bed, bad with people, and average everywhere else.
...were gone for way too long, welcome back.
...are so easy to be around, when I get the chance to be around you.
...could be so much more without that attitude; you're amazing.
...think too little of yourself.
...make me feel calm and are still growing up.
...will become a great friend of mine, I can feel it.
...need way too much attention, get over it.
...have always been there, in a not-there sort of way.
...are someone with whom I wish I got the chance to see where life could take us.
...are ugly on the inside and I will never trust you again.
...have me if you ever need me.
...really really need to learn how to kiss better.
...are confused and have mischievous intentions.
...may never be able to relax, so stop trying.
...need to follow through with the things you say you will do.


The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

Ooh those are some sassy ones! I wonder if I'm one of the people you mention. Hmm. A couple I love/wonder about: "you are everything I'm looking for in someone" and "you are good in bed, bad with people, and average everywhere else."

1) I wonder who those people are?

2) The second one has to got to be one of the top 5 best insults/zingers ever! I mean, it is right up at the starts out as a backhanded compliment and ends with an uppercut. Brilliant.

The Hairy Swede said...

You know, the thing about something like this is that whether you meant it for one person or not, someone will be able to see themselves in one of your statements. It's what makes something like postsecret so amazing.