Saturday, February 9, 2008

interstate pick-up


This post is dedicated to the most ridiculously brilliant and original pick-up attempt I've experienced.

While stuck in stop-and-go traffic heading up I-70 for a day of solo snowboarding, Monstastic had her windows down, enjoying her new car stereo, the lovely sunshine and temps in the low 40s.

Cue the "hi!" you never usually want to hear from another car on the highway.

Phew, it was a car of snowboarder dudes, and not creepy old truckers with 2 teeth and the aroma of bourbon.

Mindless banter ensued. What's your name....where you you guys pick up girls like this all the time...come ride with us...can I get your number...

The answer? Heck yes you can.
A+ for effort. You made my day. And I'm sure I made yours. Because let's face it, that was awesome.

In other news, it has come to my knowledge that the side-profile of my top half is very hot and attention-getting. I think 70 westbound is my new place to troll for men.


Anonymous said...

FYI....your father read this!

Montastic said...

well he must feel flattered he equipped montastic with such outlandish good looks.

Anonymous said...

and with the core DNA of the montasticness that is you....