Friday, April 25, 2008

addicted to Pumas... i can't quit.

Yes, it's true. I have an addition: Pumas. I have 4 pairs and absolutely love them. I'm wearing some right now. I wore some yesterday. The day before. Yes, Montastic may, every so often, exhibit girly qualities. and one of those is that I enjoy shoes. Although, to be fair, two of the pairs I own are actually men's Pumas. So..that's not that girly.
Anyway, one of my 2 bossmen also loves Pumas, and we've discussed them more than once. After showing me the 2 new pairs of kickin' Pumas he bought online last night, Montastic got to browsing the puma website--THE HORROR! I want about 10 pairs from it. But I may just buy one, not ten (let's face it that's not practical). I really like both of these two...however, as I'm brokesky, I cant buy both. and I refuse to put my addictions on my credit card. I figure if I put it on debit, I have to fully accept my sick sick love for them.
So, my toughest decision today is deciding between these two rockin' sets..the first is a bit more useful as they are running shoes and do need new ones (although I heart my Pearl Izumis and don't really want to change brands for running). The second is fuckin awesome. 'nuff said.
What do you think?

I lead a very difficult life, dont i? sheesh.

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