Wednesday, April 23, 2008

oh witty corporate emails!

a nice little exchange of email that happened this morning between Monastic and a coworker (who Montastic affectionately refers to as Midget, seeing as how this coworker is much shorter than her.), after said coworker sent out a very polite email asking us to all print up our work and place it in a new bin by the printer:

Montastic: Listen here little miss thang... I don't appreciate you're bossy attitude.
Coworker: We gunna have a throw down ghetto style in the hall way..... don't forget short people have advantages too
Montastic: You may be able to duck my punches, but I'll knee you in the head SHAWTY.
Coworker: alright you got me with that one but I'm like ninja style you wont even see me coming just remember..... The swan crows at midnight but the moon laughs at the spoon

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