Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Ok, So I know OGOCTASED hasn't been update recently. I have some compliments backed up I just need to blog. I can't update it everyday...as I much prefer updating this blog.
Still, i wanted to say a little something about niceness. and positivity.
after discussing OGOCTASED with one mr barnheezy, he brought up a great point about why he liked the idea of giving compliments: people are too negative all the time. even in just how they phrase thing. eg: i don't like the cold vs i like when it's warmer. just a simple little rephrasing turns it from a negative to a positive statement. easy enough---so do it people!
today, this kickin' tuesday morning, i was happy and nice and people returned it and it made me feel 10times happier and nicer than i already was. here's the rundown:
1. a girl dropped her keys at the gym this morning. i picked them up for her so she didn't have to stop her workout. she was confused by my nice gesture. but then thanked me.
2. i got out of the way of the straw-station at the coffee shop and then chatted with the guy whose way i was in as he thanked me and let me know i wasn't in the way to begin with.
3. on my walk back to work there were two construction workers sitting on the hood of a car, who i have passed and greeted before. today we had a lovely little conversation..."oh you guys are always sitting here aren't you." "yes ma'am, this our urban beachfront" "Well damn, you guys got some nice real estate, i like your style." "thank you, haha, you have a good one miss." (this conversation actually made me really happy, they're so friendly..and i do pass them on my coffee runs in the mornings that i go..)
4. and lastly, i teased an older gentleman in a suit in the elevator for making me hold the elevator than making me stop on his floor. he laughed and joked back. and left with a smile.

and this was all before 9:15 AM.
today is going to be splendid.
happy tuesday from Montastic.

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The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

I thought you said "tased an older gentleman," and I thought that's not very nice! Then I re-read, good work Mon!