Sunday, April 13, 2008

OGOCTASED commences!

One of my favorite things said by a guy I used to date was

"Compliments will change the world."

What a magnificent sentiment. And one I have carried with me since.
Herego, I'm starting my new project....affectionately named OGOCTASED!

Which, of course, stands for:
Operation: Give One Compliment To A Stranger Each Day.

Feel free to track my progress at the OGOCTASED Blog.
I'll let you know how the compliment was received and what came of it. It will be interesting at best. Boring at worst. But always, always entertaining.

Of course, for such an elaborate operation, there must rules.
and here they are:
1. the compliment must be sincere.
2. can't be used on someone you actually know.
3. can't be used with the intentions of a pick-up line... although if a subsequent pick-up happens, so be it. on! OGOCTASED starts today.

feel free to join in spreading the compliment love. and let me know how it goes. because i, Montastic, support world-changing.

1 comment:

The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

I'm happy to hear that something I said stuck with you. Wait, we never dated. Oh, and I've never said that. Nevermind.

I do like it, though my one problem with this is rule #3...but I'll try.