Wednesday, April 30, 2008

very sad

Chica has to be put down today. She is old, and had a seizure last night and can't even move this morning, except wag her tail. And Montastic can't be there since she is stuck in freakin Colorado. Just like she wasn't there in November when Betty, her family retriever had to be put to sleep as well.
Bye Chica. You're the absolute best! :(

picture by my brother
and a little video my dad sent me a while back of both my wonderful doggies. you will be missed.


Anonymous said...

I love you....and more for posting these, I'm amazed and pleasantly surprised that you still had that video I took with my phone last made me laugh to see them and then to have Chica pee, that was TOTALLY her thing as much as it was Betty's rolling on the grass like that. We'll all miss them so much. They were the most awesome dogs and always gave us their best.


Chasé said...

Oh No! Say it aint so. I will have a perma sad face until I fall asleep tonight. Bridger has been in doggy heaven for a while now so I'm sure he will welcome Chica with open doggy arms. Our three dogs can now be best friends just like us!