Wednesday, April 16, 2008


ok, so this little project has proven to be more difficult than thought...for a couple reasons.

for example, i missed a compliment yesterday! (and it was only day 3). which means, of course, that i must double up today. and my reasoning? i didn't have any strangers around me...which is total bullshit! honestly, how many strangers do you interact with daily? i mean i went to lunch where i stood in like for 15 minutes surrounded by strangers, i then ordered from strangers. i also went to the library to meet my student where i checked out a study room from a stranger. so if you happen to be joining me in my quest...there is NEVER a shortage of strangers. stop being lazy.

the other problem i am having is that i'm not quite sure how to give a guy a compliment without him thinking i'm hitting on him. so that shall be my mission today..considering i have to give 2 compliments, i may as well make sure one is male.

OGOCTASED is going to take more work than originally expected. but it's worth it!

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