Thursday, April 3, 2008

you know me and comics

so, i'm a sucker for nerdy online comics. and by nerdy i mean anything lewd, obscene, uncomfortable, silly, sarcastic, ironic or long as it's funny.
a new site i'm enjoying is XKCD. it's not always amazing. but there are some i enjoy. two are below.
the first i like because, well, i have been known to do the MC hammer slide...which makes the first comic about me. duh.
the second i like and there's only one thing to say about it. and that thing is "word!"
give these a clicksy if you want to see them mo' bigga.

other fav comics of mine, in case you were wondering:
saturday morning breakfast cereal
white ninja
left handed toons
dinosaur comics

1 comment:

The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

And I can speak to the verity of the second one. Seriously. Just imagine the other person in a really good place...about to get to O-town...and then, "Wait, is this fucking Brittany Spears?"

"No, it's Travis...covering a Brittany Spears song. Totally different. You lost it didn't you?"


Good times.