Monday, April 21, 2008

Montastic's Monday musings from the banana phone

contrary to what seems logical, fanny packs are made for transporting tacos from one touristy location to the next.

pastels are in. and by "in" i mean you should wear them if you're a middle-aged, single man who doesn't know how to hit on ladies at the bar, so instead you wear pastels in hopes that you will look cute and springy...which you immediately ruin by laughing too loudly and staring too intently at all the breastesessss that pass by.

i love sun. and wind.

i need a bike to leisurely cruise around on when the weather is as glorious as it was this weekend. i need money to buy one. i also need to know a little bit about bikes. i also don't really NEED any of this. but i want i want i want.

clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. here i am.

Utah-tahs '08 is going down in June for mine and Chase's bday! The plan: fun times with my favorite ovaries, off-road scooters, poolin', hottubbin', drinkin', spoonin'! and lots and lots of happy.

i know i've mentioned it before, but you MUST rock a pair of makes it so much easier to gaze at tasty treats you pass on the street, without appearing creepy.

running. hurts the knees. the cankles. the hip...i'm expecting a call from AARP anytime now.

tasty treat (n): anything delicious or palatable. eg: frozen yogurt, corn dogs, hot men, cheese, Coke slurpees, Monstastic.

the jam you should be rockin to start off your week is very clearly "Bound to Ride" by Jim Mills. be careful, it's some kickin' bluegrass and if you're hopped on the ol' caffeine, much like myself, your head may blow up.

banana phones are not only potASSium-rich, they are delicious.

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Chasé said...

Utah-tahs! I get to be the little spoon!