Saturday, April 26, 2008

Five Alive!

Ok, so today was kind of poop ...given that my clutch decided to turn to poop. Thus turning my hoopty into El Poop-o. The clutch repair is spendy. The car isn't even worth that much. So until I decide to fix the car or buy a used one to replace it, I shall walk..and walk I shall!
But, that was no good and killed my whole day and my ability to get to my soccer game tomorrow. Sooo... it's Five Alive time. And these 5 things remind that today is, in fact, Montastic.

1. Grasshopper saying "First of all, I didn't even know penises came that big!" Too freakin hilarious. I laughed so hard. and well, you dont get to know more back story than that. hahahaha it was great, however.
2. Hot Date #3
3. New freakin highlights look funky fresh!
4. lean cuisine pizza. yumzo!
5. The soap in the shower smiling at me. I had scraped a smiley face into a long time ago. And when the soap is dry, it's a dark red and you cant see the smiley.. However, once the soap gets wet or is exposed to the steam of my beautifully scalding showers, it turns a whitish color, and the smiley is very visable. And well, it just brightened my damned day right up!

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