Tuesday, October 7, 2008

elephantastic excitement

I would like to introduce you to Elephant. Trunk up (for good luck of course) and hanging from a long chain, near my tumtum.

Elephant was only $2.00 on crazy clearance at the neighborhood Macys. No one wanted Elephant...sad! So I gave him a nice home with me. We've since grown very close. And, for that reason, we're both crazy excited for a 5 day getaway--on which I embark tomorrow morning!

Elephant has also informed me that it's going to start getting mighty cold here! HOOOOORAYYY!! Which means jackets and scarves and a happy Montastic.

Interesting fact: Elephant is actually made to scale--the true size of an African elephant. So, I hope this gives you some perspective on how absolutely giant I am. Seriously. Gigantic. Like a grattacielo--a skyscraper. (There's your Italian word for the day! Literally meaning sky-scratcher). I'm a skyscratcher. And Elephant loves me.

Pretty much, I have it made. You?

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