Monday, October 20, 2008

Meet Robo-Leg

for clarity, here is a handy dandy picture equation, so you can learn how Robo-Leg came into my life:

Montastic being overly tough and competitive


Co-ed soccer team


a tweaked leg (on which I've had surgery before) and thus, the need for the new knee brace...and the birth of Robo-Leg.

Please introduce yourself to my new bionic limb. I took Robo-Leg for a nice 12 mile bike ride Saturday. It seemed to do well, although biking wasn't something this knee brace was made for. But, made for ligament support, i'm quite certain Robo-Leg will do me good at tonight's indoor women's game I have.
Wish me and Robo-Leg luck. It's his first rodeo! (yes, Robo-Leg is a dude).

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