Sunday, October 5, 2008

I helped save boobies today!

My second year running the 5k Race for the Cure here in Denver--the biggest Race for the Cure nationally. While it's not one to be ran for time (because there are so many people you get stopped behind huge groups sometimes) I was trying to beat a friend who ran a 5k a few weeks ago. He got 26 minutes.

So I tried my best to haul ass and weave in and around all the lovely people helping fight breast cancer.
And well...Montastic got 26 min 15 seconds! HOORAY! That's going in my Achievement Book. Especially considering all the weaving and bobbing I was doing. And it's almost 5 minutes better than my time last year (31 minutes).

Please note: this is the only pink shirt I own. And I got free with a purchase at Victoria's Secret. The last time I wore it may very well have been last year's Race for the Cure.

That is all. Off to my soccer game. :)

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