Thursday, October 2, 2008

life choices: Montastic and Chase style

Montastic: dude i want ice cream sandwich
OR sex
hahaha jk
the ice cream will suffice

Chase: ice cream fo sho
I've never had sex so I have nothing to compare it too but I imagine ice cream is waaaay better
it's like suck on delicious sugary frozen cream or a come on which would you choose?
no brainer

Montastic: hahahaha
good call
although both can be creamy --BOOYA!

Chase: hahaha gross

Montastic: ps you made my blog just now.
well...once i post that comment

Chase: hahahaha you suck
on ice cream
and cock

Montastic: only on thursdays

Chase: Hahaha is thursday the designated suck cock day?

Montastic: AND ice cream. please.

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