Thursday, October 2, 2008


Well we all know i heart craigslist. I've found furniture, friends, and a creepy guy on there. All good stories.
Well this is also a good story:

Turns this crafty lil bank robber man posted an ad on craigslist for some construction job at $28.50 an hour. when people responded with interest, he told them to be at an address at a certain time of day, wearing certain types of construction clothes. a dozen or so men showed up for the job. meanwhile robberman robbed a bank right next to the "job site" wearing the same exact clothes he told everyone to come dressed in. brilliant. he has not yet been found.

keep in mind:
bank robbing = bad
craftiness = awesome

1 comment:

Chasé said...

My coworkers and I decided that if this business fails, we are going to rob a bank in this exact way. Brilliant!